Velocity Program – Phase 1 Results

Last week our first group of the velocity program ended.  We has some amazing results during these 12-weeks, with the average increase in velocity of 6.9mph!

The following 8 young men worked very hard and improved not only their velocity, but also their mechanics, strength, coordination, and reduced their risk of injury.

There are other programs out there that use some of the throwing protocols we use, but nothing else can match the total program we put out in terms of biomechanical analysis, nutrition, strength and power, athleticism, and shoulder care.

5 of the "Original 8". Rough Looking Group, But Hard Working Kids!

5 of the “Original 8″.
Rough Looking Group, But Hard Working Kids!

To prove here, let’s look at each on of these 8 athletes and their individual results.

Gregory Bennett – Gregory is a freshman at Western Dubuque and when he started this program throwing 73mph and weighed 127 lbs.  Gregory had good mechanics with only a small tweaks needed here and there.  What G-Man did need was to take care a few few postural imbalances that put him in poor positions, mainly his pelvic alignment.  He worked hard on proper core stabilization and improved this posture while adding a great deal of strength.  At the end of the 12-weeks, Gregory threw 81mph (+8), deadlifted 255lbs (+85), dropped his 10-yard time by .21, and weighed 135lbs (+7)!

Logan Hoeper – Logan is a junior at Platteville high school and when he entered this program Logan was throwing 74mph and weighed 158lbs.  Logan was another kid who needed to get stronger and add some mass to his frame.  What’s great about this program is that tweaks are made for everybody, and in Logan’s case he has a unique anatomical structure in his elbow that needs consideration when starting intense throwing programs.  Other program WILL NOT notice this and increase the risk of injury, but with Logan we were able to progress him safely and keep him healthy.  At the end of the 12-weeks Logan threw 80mph (+6mph), deadlifted 340lbs (+135), dropped his 10-yard time by .21, and weighed 163 (+5)!

Addison Smothers – Addison is a sophomore at Senior and when he started the program he threw 72mph and weighed 164lbs.  Addison was a young athlete who benefited from certain mechanical tweaks and overall better control of his body.  For a sophomore Addison is a pretty good sized kid, but needed better control of his body.  With some added strength and mechanical fixes Addison threw 77mph (+5), deadlifted 285lbs (+160), dropped his 10-yard time by .33, and weighed 169lbs (+4).  He’s a young man on the brink of hitting the 80mph mark with some more improved mechanics and letting his strength catch up with his body.

Noah Gassman – Noah is a senior at Wahlert and when he started the program he was throwing 79mph and weighed 159lbs.  Noah has good arm speed and mechanics when he started, he just needed a bigger engine.  Over the 12-weeks he added 7mph to his fastball (86mph), dropped his 10-yard time by .19, and 11lbs to this frame (171lbs).  We have no doubt Noah is an 88-90mph kid if he could add 10-15 more lbs and keep working on lower body strength and power!

Evan Straw – Evan is a junior at Senior High and when he started he was throwing 77mph and weighed 158lbs.  Evan is another kid who has a great frame and long arms, but just lacked strength and size.  He needed to add some mass to his body and get stronger.  Evan also had some imbalances and asymmetries in his shoulders and elbows that put him at risk when starting an aggressive throwing program.  We made sure we catered those issues before getting too aggressive and that type of individualization is what separates our program from anybody else.  At the end of 12-weeks Evan threw 82mph (+5), deadlifted 305lbs (+100), dropped his 10-yard time by .22, and weighed 169lbs (+11).  He another kid who could very well be throwing in the upper 80’s by his senior year if he continues to work hard!

Connor Crabill – Connor is an 8th grader as Roosevelt Junior High and when Connor started the program he was throwing 66mph and weighed 130lbs.  Being an 8th grader we made sure we progressed Connor appropriately and put extra emphasis on his mechanics and proper technique.  Connor dedicated himself very deeply to this program and the results showed.  After the 12-weeks Connor threw 79mph (+13), deadlifted 215lbs (+130), dropped  his 10-yard time by .33, and weighed 140lbs (+10)!  For only an 8th grader Connor has some great potential.  It is important for his to keep perfecting his mechanics and taking care of his recovery.  We can’t wait to keep working with Connor through the years as he works his way through high school!

Sage Sutter – Sage is a sophomore at West Delaware High School and when he started he threw 73mph and weighed 134lbs.  Sage plays catcher so he has to be able to perform a unique throwing motion to be successful.  One of the biggest things we worked on with Sage was getting those catcher specific mechanics perfected.  At the end of 12-weeks Sage threw 77mph (+4), deadlifted 320 (+6lbs), dropped .20 off his 10-yard time, and weighed in at 144lbs (+10).  Even though Sage “only” gained 4mph (which is still a lot) his popped time will improve significantly because of his shortened throwing motion.  We want to thank Sage for traveling close to an hour to come and train at BLA.  This kind of dedication is awesome and we expect some great things from Sage in the future!

Alec Chandlee – Alec is an 8th grader at Washington Middle School and when Alec started he was throwing 56mph and weighed 99lbs.  Alex is still maturing and growing so special considerations were put in place to ensure his unique demands were met, and this meant only going 2-days per week.  Alec ended up adding 8mph (64mph) to his fastball in only 12 weeks while also adding 5lbs of muscle.  Alec benefitted greatly from this program by getting stronger and gaining overall body control.  As he enters high school he has a great head start on his classmates because he has cemented proper development and when he grows into this body he’ll see some great improvements because of the work he put in now!

There you have it!  A breakdown of our 8 velocity athletes.  As you can see not only did these young men improve their velocity, but we know they are all-around players and they also improve their speed and power.  This will lead to more stolen bases, making plays in the hole or gaps, and more extra base hits.

With February just around the corner, NOW is an ideal time to start looking into our 2nd phase of the velocity program. It will prepare any baseball player for the season ahead and put them in a position to play the best ball of their life!  Don’t hesitate and contact us about getting starting TODAY!


The Bases Loaded Story

There was a little boy who grew up on the north side of Chicago. He was a Cubs fan and his favorite player was Ivan Dejesus.

This little boy would spend all day in the summer throwing baseballs against his parents garage pretending he was Ivan Dejesus making back hand plays ,turning double plays, catching fly balls. During the week he could not wait for his dad to get home from work so he could pitch to him.

From age 5 he would watch Cub games with his dad and study every player. How they moved, what pitches they threw even how the players ran on and off the field.

As this boy matured into his teen years, he knew a baseball career is something he wanted to pursue. He played summer little league in Chicago and was always the talk of the league. There was only one problem he did not believe in himself.

As his high school years approached he did not go to the tryouts for baseball and missed out on 4 years of high school baseball. Finally he realized his dreams of playing professional baseball may never happen.

Then one day he was pitching in a men’s league at age 20, and there happened to be a college coach watching and talked him into coming to play for him at Morton Junior College in Cicero, Ill. So he decided to give it a shot and put everything he had to offer into this new opportunity that was given to him; and what a great decision that turned out to be.

He had the support of others, they built his confidence and before long there professional scouts coming to his winter workouts just watching getting his information, radar gunning his pitches during his bullpen; things were starting to happen.  It even got better the day he was introduced to a older Greek gentleman named Steve Sakas.  Steve Sakas was a pitching instructor at a indoor baseball facility.  Coach Sakas took one look at this 20 year-old kid and said   “Son I am going to get you drafted”.

All winter long Mr. Sakas made sure there was a scout at every workout. Not to mention the excellent pitching advice he passed on to this young 20 year -old. The name of this 20 year-old is Terry Rosenkranz.

This is why I opened BLA and we do what we do for the kids of all ages. Steve Sakas was my biggest fan and he believed in me more than anyone I can remember and I and thankful that I had someone in my corner, that would not take no as a answer from any scout.

Steve is the reason I was drafted in 1992 by the Texas Rangers and went on to have a 13-year professional career. I never made it to the major leagues, I reached triple A and have been to a number of major league spring trainings.  All because someone stood behind me all the way.

I have trained under pitching guru Tom House, and have played with and against some of the best players in the world. The point I am trying to reach is we need to always support our youth and help them obtain their goals in life whatever they may be.  I truly feel coaches and parents play the biggest roles in a young athletes life.  The biggest thing Coach Sakas has given me was the will to help others the best way I can.

This is the philosophy of Bases Loaded Academy and what we strive to accomplish everyday!

Andrew Redman Velocity Watch – Weeks 7+8

Andrew is a Senior Pitcher at Clarke College.  He’s preparing for the upcoming season by going through our Velocity Enhancement Program.  Andrew is a great role model for younger kids by the way he attacks his training and prepares for the baseball season.  He is working his butt off to have a great senior season and hopefully have an opportunity to play at the next level.

We feel this program is putting him in position to get noticed by pro scouts and fully expect him to throw in the 90-92mph range on a consistent basis.  He’s been getting after this program with some extreme vigor and the results are showing.  If you missed the previous weeks, check them out below

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5+6

Alright let’s take you to Andrew

“Starting the second half of this velocity program, and ready for continued improvement.  This week our fall ball ended, so I finally get a chance to recover a little bit.  It’s been a tough 7-weeks going through fall ball, lifting, and the velocity program, but despite all of this I still made some solid gains.

During the next couple of weeks we are just working on “holds”.  This is a really new concept to me and have never seen anything like it.  These “holds” really focus on improving the shoulders ability to handle the high stresses of throwing.  This leads to a stronger and healthier shoulder.  This is extremely important because the worst thing that can happen is hurting your shoulder and missing playing time.  I’ve seen it many times – guys don’t prepare themselves and then show up during the season and get hurt.  If you don’t put in the time during the off-season to prepare your body and arm for the season, you’re setting yourself up for injury.

This is also a great time to work on mechanics and make some tweaks that can improve my efficiency and maximize my velocity.  Terry has worked with me on improving some small tweaks in my mechanics and I can tell the difference in my balance point, posture off the mound, and follow through.  These small tweaks have gone a long ways in improving not only my velocity but also my command and the effectiveness of my off-speed pitches.

At the end of the 8th week we re-tested my velocity and I hit 93mph!  This is a 7mph improvement from day 1!  During the final 4-weeks the goal is to take this velocity and transfer it to the mound.  Throwing on flat ground and doing long toss is great for building arm strength, but you have to be able to transfer that to the mound.  Being able to throw down hill, and use the height and slope of the mound to maximize your levers is essential in pitching success.  Can’t wait to for week 12 to get here and see how things finish up!”

Thanks Andrew and keep a look out for the final 4-weeks coming soon!